Key Features of Medical Device Yankauer Suction Set

Yankauer is a suction set used for the removal of blood and fluids during surgery. Our Yankauer Suction set is used for general suction purpose as well. It has a rigid transparent suction handle available with bulb/plain open tip. It is obtainable with and without control vents.

The yancouver may be a suction set used to remove blood and fluid during surgery. Our Yankee suction set is also employed for general suction purpose. It has a rigid transparent suction handle with bulb / plain open tip. This control is attainable with and without vents.

Yankauer suction set are oral suction devices used in medical procedures. Devices are accustomed to sucking oropharyngeal secretions to help prevent aspiration. Even Yankee devices may not be accustomed to clearing operative sites for surgical procedures. These devices are often made with a bulbous opening with a strong plastic tip that is designed for suction without damaging the surrounding tissue. Yanquer with bulb tips are the most common suction devices within the world.

Oral suction helps to clear the secretions from the mouth in case the patient is unable to get rid of the secretions with effective cough. It will often flow from patients with CVA (cerebrovascular accidents), poor coughing reflexes associated with doling, age or conditions, or poor swallowing. Additionally, these devices are often not accustomed to cleaning operative sites during surgical procedures. The advantage of the Yankaur bulb-tip design is the ability to suction the world without damaging the surrounding tissues. The tried and true method and style of Yankaur devices is why they are the most common suction devices within the world.

Key Features of Yankauer Suction Set

1)      Control vent sealed with removable Sleeve

2)      Consists of the Ribbed tube which is kink resistant and has the strength to withstand the suction.

3)      Kink resistant tubing.

4)      Four side suction ports.

5)      Complete set with other type of Suction tips available on request.

6)      Yankaur Suction Set is suitable for convenient removal of secretion, blood and mucous postoperative.

7)      ETO Sterilized.

8)      The complete set is provided with Yankaur Suction Tip mounted on 2 Mtrs / 2.25 Mtrs. long ribbed tube provided with the Universal connector at both ends.

9)      The vent port is permanently closed with a tight fit sleeve, which can be removed with small incision by a blade to change over to vent control system.

10)   Universal connectors are melded from soft PVC, so as to accommodate the Suction tip on one end and all type of connectors of suction apparatus at the other end.

11)   A universal connector at both the ends.

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